Thought I would share with you my finds at the thrift store today. I've loved thrift shopping since I can remember. The first big purchase was when I was 15 years old, I found this beautiful long wool coat in gray. I wish I had photos of it, I don't even know where it went, well it's rained a while since then. The point is I love thrifting, and today we ended up at our local thrift store and I found a couple of things for the fall/winter season that I'm excited about. 

This is a mens Oscar de la Renta sweater, Im into oversized clothes lately so this is perfect!
It was $5!
                                                  Banana Republic cashmere for $5!!!
                                                          Rampage jacket for $5!!

          Putting together my fall/winter wardrobe with this prices is great!! Can't wait to go back!

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