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Hey Ya'll, just wanted to share some things I'm currently obsessing over. The biggest obsession which I'm now watching on You Tube is Big Brother 12, after getting hooked on this seasons BB 15, I had to watch a marathon of another season, I'm obsessed! 

It's been a quiet Saturday, went to brunch in the neighborhood earlier and Sophia is now asleep in my arms while I type this. P is working tonight so is Sophia, mommy and Big Brother for a wild Saturday night in! 

Happy Weekend!                                                         

                                                               Currently obsessed:
Long Island City Piers and this view of Manhattan. We've come here a lot this summer, we love it!

                Taking Sophia to the playgrounds in the neighborhood. It's a mommy thing!
       Beer!!! Since I'm nursing I can't go crazy, but one beer here and there is what I'm craving lately. 
I love me some falafels! I've had a pescetarian diet for a couple of weeks, will be trying to make these babies soon! 

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