Happy Birthday, Husband//

It's the 6th birthday we have celebrated together, and may God bless me with many many more to celebrate next to this amazing man! 

My husband, the most selfless human I know, he works hard to support his family, has the biggest heart and is kind to all. 

So on his birthday my wish for him is health and happiness, may God continue to bless you,my love!

                                                         Happy Birthday Daddy,

                                                             Sophia & Mommy

            Our first bday together, he lied, I thought it was his 25th, in reality it was his 22nd...
                                 His 23rd with his buddies, in our first little apartment. 
                    He's 24! Celebrating in the meatpacking district. I married a hunk!!
                                            25 came with a surprise birthday dinner! 
        Last year, dining at Spice Market in the meatpacking! He's 26!!

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