Postpartum Style//

It doesn't matter who you are, after having a baby, your body will be different no matter what. I for instance was 17 pounds heavier, after a cesarean, basically I would have had to still wear my maternity clothes. In my case the only maternity clothes I bought were 4 pairs of maternity jeans, underwear and bras. And since I had a cesarean I was not wearing pants, I'm not sure what a vaginal birth feels like after, but with a cesarean, I didn't want anything resting on my incision. I couldn't even look at it until 2 months later, and I touched it just the other day, (I'm weirdly afraid of cuts). Therefore I opted for dresses, maxis and skirts! 

I think dresses (not a tight dress but a dress with flare) and skirts are the must for postpartum dressing, if you think about it the right dress will hide your unwanted belly, let you be free in your lady parts ;) and make you look good. For the first months after having Sophia I only wore a few differents pieces that kept me feeling comfortable and most importantly for me, looking good! I styled them differently, adding sweaters, tanks and belts to the dresses/maxis to give them a different look. My advice to you, mom to be, is stuck up on some flare dresses and maxi dresses, maybe 3 or 4 and style them differently with pieces that you already own. 

Find some pieces that can be styled differently and are perfect for postpartum herehere and here

9 days postpartum wearing Missoni for Target dress, added a scarf and blazer for a chic look.
Here I added a sweater to a maxi dress for a different look. 
Add a cardigan, costume jewelry with flats for a day look, take the cardigan off and add heels for night.
Go with black for a formal look, or just to hide the unwanted pounds!
Add a button up and tie it on the waist to hide that postpartum belly.

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