Big City, Little Space//

Hello again! I wasn't around yesterday, we were out all day. Had a doctors appointment in the early afternoon, and after we headed to our friends BBQ gathering, there were kids in the kiddos pool, yummy BBQ foods, margaritas and NON alcoholic beer for me!! Since I'm nursing I can't go crazy on the drinking, I had half a corona and a few zips of a margarita, the rest of the night I stuck with my favorite non alcoholic beer, Becks! I'm kind of obsessed with the refreshing taste, I highly recommend it! We stuck around until 10pm, went home, bathed Sophia, and put her to bed. We were hungry so P went to our local Taco Truck and got himself a burrito and quesadillas for me, they were so good, I almost had him go back and get some more. Then to bed we went! It was a great Monday!

Anyways, I wanted to do a post about living in a big city with a new baby and the changes your lives encounter. New York City is amazing, there's is everything from the best restaurants to the best shopping, what it doesn't have is a lot of closet space, or any kind of living space for that matter, unless you have big bucks in the bank that is. Another thing that it does have is laundromat after laundromat, very rarely you will find an apartment with washer and dryer, there's no room for them! When I first moved to NY that was one of the biggest things I had to get used to, going and doing my laundry in a laundromat, ughhh, it's a pain! Now P takes our clothes to the closest laundromat drops them off, they wash them and then he picks them up, easy! 

But with Sophia now I was not having them wash our baby's clothes, and I did not want to use them washers that everyone and their mamas use. I would have to wash everything by hand I thought. A friend suggested I get a portable washer, I never heard of them before, but I immediately googled them. Wonder Washer to the rescue!!!

Bought one online, and when it arrived I was ecstatic, the simple things! I immediately opened it, put water in it, clothes and washed Sophia's clothes! It was fantastic!! I've had it now for about 2 months, and I can't say enough good things about it. It's convenient and it does its job, I mean you can't obviously wash your  load of jeans in it but for small things and especially babies clothes is perfect. The best thing is that it's small and you can store it in the corner and no one will know. 

Here are some photos of my Wonder Washer! Lol, I use it in the bathroom and keep it there too, I just washed two loads of her clothes and hanged them to dry in less than 30 minutes, it's great! 

If you have a baby and live in a tiny apartment in a big city with no washer, Wonder Washer is for you! Get one here.


Breakfast of Champions//

So after nursing Sophia yesterday afternoon we headed to the park, and the farmers market was clearing out, but the honey stand was still there past 3:00 pm!! I got my honey, yayy! 

Why does this honey make me so happy, you ask? 

Well, because I used the last bit Saturday morning, and I use honey almost every day for breakfast. My breakfast of champions consists of oatmeal, almond milk, raspberries, bananas, cinnamon and HONEY (buckwheat).

Breakfast was never my favorite meal, I usually skipped it, since I don't like eggs at all!!! Yuukk!  I've always been a healthy eater, always conscious of what I put in my body, once in a while I would cheat of course. But when I became pregnant I was OCD healthy, I didn't eat any fast food, drink any sodas or drink caffeine and I started to eat breakfast because its the most important meal of the day (read about it here). Since i dont eat eggs there's not much I'm left with, I tried oatmeal and honestly it's not that tasty, but I had to eat something and oatmeal is very nutritious and fruits too, so I combined the two. There was something missing still, I remember reading about the benefits of cinnamon and honey on one of those Facebook posts (read about it here) so I added them to my morning oatmeal and wala, my breakfast of champions was complete! 

I encourage everyone to try oatmeal in the morning, it's easy to prepare and if you add the right ingredients its super tasty. Now don't be getting the instant packets they conveniently sell, look at the ingredients on those and you will see they have added a bunch of stuff that we don't need! Get yourself real natural oats, preferably whole grain organic oats, add almond milk and stick it in the microwave for 2 minutes (about the only thing I use the microwave for) then add frozen raspberries (they last longer), a banana, cinnamon and honey, you have yourself a nutritious start to your day!

You can find 10 different oatmeal recipes here, I will be trying some of these myself! 

Today I've been cleaning the apartment with the husband, tried to go back to my yoga class but the usual teacher that I love wasn't there, so I skipped it. Between nursing Sophia, cleaning and having pizza for lunch (not so healthy, but it's Sunday) it's deff been a Sunday Funday! Looking forward to the pork loin that P (husband) seasoned for dinner and watching Big Brother tonight! 

                                                   Honey from the farmers market
                                                       Whole grain oats I prefer
                                                  My breakfast this morning!



Happy Saturday!

Who doesn't like Saturdays?!? I don't know who but it's not me, I love them! Even though my husband works during the day, until 6pm, they still feel pretty magical! Before Sophia, I would either go for brunch with a friend, hang out at the apartment listening to my favorite album 21 by Adele (obsessed) or clean the apartment. Now that Sophia is here and one of my favorites is back, the farmers market in my hood, we try and go every Saturday. I was hoping to get some fresh produce and honey today but it looks like we are not going to make it :( We had a late start to the day, and as I sit here typing this and nursing her at the same time (talk about multi tasking) it is 2:45pm, and the market is there until 3pm. It's pretty close but I don't think it's happening. I was always that person right on time, hated being late, now that I have a baby, I can never be on time. She's hungry, she needs her diaper change and so on, but who cares? Right, she comes first, and I don't mind! 

I guess we will go to the park and take a walk, here's a photo of the farmers market in Sunnyside, NY a few weeks ago! 

Have a magical Saturday! 


Sophia in Wonderland Baby Shower

I had been planning my baby shower for a long time, before I was even pregnant, I know you must think I'm crazy but I just love a pretty, well put together party. When I found out I was having a girl I called my brother Erick and we agreed on an Alice in Wonderland theme. Even though showers are supposed to be thrown for you, I was not giving anyone the hard job of throwing ME a party. I wanted to be involved, in fact I was in CHARGE! I won't call my self a babyshowerilla, however I will say I wanted perfection, I wanted everything exactly how I envisioned, can you blame me? Erick made all the eat me, drink me signs and the character masks who were inspired by the photo booths that are so popular today, they were a big hit! I think I got everything I wanted, it was a beautiful baby shower and Sophia was showered with amazing gifts from family and friends, thank you everyone!  Stay tuned for more baby things!

Ps. I'm already planning Sophia's first birthday! Would you expect anything less, lol!

You can see Erick's work here


How my life changed, for the better...

Hi y'all!!!! I've been away for almost a year now, boo hoo, but I'm back now! So many things have happened, if you read my new profile you'll know that I found out I was pregnant and social media completely turned me off. I stopped blogging to focus on my baby, my husband and me. I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy without worrying about a blog post, and so I did.

Sophia Harper Crowne, my beautiful daughter is 3 months old. I feel so blessed to be her mommy, she is just perfect, healthy and a happy baby girl. I'm loving every moment of being a mom, learning new things about her, my husband and me. This is all new to both of us, living in a big city with a baby and no family around. Style God (old name) is gone, Love, Harper is the new name for this lifestyle blog where I want to share my journey thru motherhood, being a wife and staying true to my style. All of this while living in the great city that is New York! 

Stay tune for more!

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