Fab Monday//

I love spontaneous adventures, yesterday we had one of them. We got out of bed around 1:20 pm (we sleep late!) and said let's go to the beach! It wasn't exactly a beach day, the sun was not completely out and there were clouds about but we hadn't been to the beach this summer and wanted to ate Sophia before it was too late. We got our bags together, got the stroller packed and off we went. 

As soon as we got to the beach the sun came out! It was pretty perfect, we stayed for about an hour, Sophia loved it, she smiled the whole time! After we went for dinner at a local spot called Lola's, I had a clam bake and OMG, it was perfect! 

We got home around 7:30, gave Sophia a bath, I watched my new fave, Devious maids, then P went to the taco truck and we had mexican with one Corona for me as a late snack. Then it was off to bed, perfect Monday with the fam! 

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