Food: Sparkling Ice Beverage!

Every time I go to the store to get a drink of something I spend about 3 minutes deciding what to get. I want something refreshing and healthy but not boring. So I just tried this Sparkling Ice Water and fell in love with it! Its got Zero Calories, with Essential Vitamins and Antioxidants!! I got the Kiwi Strawberry flavor and its pretty delicious. They offer 8 different flavors, and are a great source of Vitamin B & Vitamin D. Eighty percent of Americans lack Vitamin D, which benefits our bone health. Vitamin B is good for healthy skin and hair, they also enhance our immune and nervous system functions. Sparkling Ice also contains Green Tea Extract which is known to have powerful levels of Antioxidants, and we all know how good Antioxidants are for us. So next time you are thirsty for something refreshing and healthy try Sparkling Ice, it wont disappoint! Check out their website here-

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