Food: Top 5 NYC Romantic Restaurants for Valentines Day

Two more weeks until Valentine's Day!! And what better way to celebrate than to have a romantic dinner, great tasty food, a glass of wine and the perfect romantic ambiance. I love dining out and trying out new restaurants and living in New York City where the restaurant selection is overwhelming you cant help but try new things. You can find any kind of cuisine here in New York, and if you are brave and open minded you can come across some "exotic" foods to eat. My favorite foods are Mexican & Thai, I could live on those two, however I LOVE to eat so I prefer to keep my options open and try different things! So why not try one of my top 5 romantic restaurants on Valentine's Day. Hurry and make reservations if you can, time is running out!!
5. Grimaldi's Pizzeria- One of the most famous pizzeria's in NYC, if not The Most Famous, is where me and my hubby had our first date. They don't take reservations and there is usually a line, but the location of Grimaldis will blow you away. Its located in Dumbo a neighborhood in Brooklyn and is right under the Brooklyn Bridge overlooking New York City. After dinner go for a romantic stroll around Dumbo, very fitting for Valentine's Day.
4. La Esquina- This Mexican Spot is located in Soho and is very exclusive, you might run into a celebrity! Reservations go fast, they also have a To Go stand open 24 hours, their rotisserie tacos are to die for! For a romantic dinner you want to sit downstairs, the hostess will take you thru the kitchen and when you get to your table you will feel romance in the air. Dark lighting and a huge list of tequilas is all you need for an unforgettable Valentine's Day!
3. Cuba- The name says is all and you can never go wrong with Latin food and a good mojito. This Cuban restaurant is located in the West Village, a very romantic neighborhood. The food here is always delicious, try the churrasco you will thank me later! Cuba is beautifully decorated with an intimate feel, they play live music on the weekends and will also have live music on Valentine's Day. If Salsa isn't your thing request to sit in The Hemingway room, its downstairs and its cozy and beautiful!
2. Raoul's- This French Bistro is located in Soho, with garden sitting you might feel like you are in France for one nite, why not Valentine's nite. I recommend the oysters, if you didn't know they are an aphrodisiac food which means you will end up having an extremely romantic night, if you know what I mean! Paris is the city of love, try this French Bistro for a bit of romance in your life!

1. Serendipity 3- Do I have to explain myself? This is where me and the hubby will be celebrating Valentine's Day this year! Reservations where made in December, so I suggest if this is where you want to go get on the phone ASAP! With a name like Serendipity and frozen hot chocolate on the menu it goes without saying this is the perfect place for ROMANCE!!

-Stay tuned for those who didn't live in NYC I will be posting my top 5 things to do on Valentine's Day in ANY city!!

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