Fashion: For Girls With CURVES!

So I've been getting requests asking about tips for curvy girls, my first tip is don't hide your curves, they're sexy and its who you are, plus there is so many fashionable clothes to accentuate your curves. Ive put together some pieces that are a must to have in your closet, and then I created 4 different looks with these pieces to give you an idea of what looks go well with what.

Mariely's Must Haves:

1. Sexy black dress that accentuates YOUR curves.

2. Nude heels. (Nude makes you look longer and leaner)

3. Great pair of jeans. I love Levi jeans and I came across Levis Curve Id, a line that lets you custom fit your jeans to your curves! Whats better than that? Here is the link:

4. Sexy skirt. (One that sits right on your knees, nothing longer or shorter, a pencil skirt or circle skirt would fit best)

5. 3/4 sleeve blouse. (pick a color that goes well with almost anything so you can mix and match with other pieces)

6. Blazer. (On a curvy body a blazer that sits on your waist will flatter you most)

7. Black flats. (A must have for every girl)

1.Eloquii Belted Sheath Dress@

3. Levi Curve ID Jeans- Link on top

4.Eloquii Pleated Knee Skirt@
Mix & Match

1. Eloquii Belted Sheath Dress- Above

2. Aldo Chango Necklace@

3. Urban Outfitters Pistatic Post Earrings@

4. Forever 21 Tribal Panel Bracelet@

5. Forever 21 Suede Clutch@

6. Aldo Troiano Nude Pumps- Above


1. Forever 21 Linen Blend Blazer- Above

2. Urban Outfitters Beaded Nugget Hoop Earring@

3. Eloquii Pleated Knee Skirt- Above

4. Aldo Troiano Nude Pump- Above

5. Target Mossimo Co. Cami@

6. Forever 21 Suede Clutch- Above

7. Aldo Chango Neckalce- Above

I will be posting the rest of the outfits tomorrow, so come back!

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