Oscar Nominations...

And the Academy Award nominations are in!! I just finished watching both The Artist and Hugo and ironically the top Oscar nominated films are extremely similar. Although Hugo is inspired by the true story of turn-of-the century French pioneer filmmaker George Méliès and The Artist is simply a comedy drama, both tell the story of artists in filmmaking who are unable to adapt to the changing trends of the industry. Both movies take us back to the 1920's where George Valentin in The Artist (French film) is a silent film idol and George Méliès in Hugo is well, a French filmmaker. Dogs are also a big part of both movies, which leads me to wonder, should there be a nomination for Best Supporting Animal this year? War Horse could take this one! I really loved both movies, Martin Scorsese of course is a brilliant filmmaker, however Michael Hazanavicius who directed The Artist had my heart from the beginning. Yes its a silent movie but if you have ever enjoyed watching old,black and white movies then you will be taken back at how cleverly this film was made. It's 2011 and if I didn't know any better I would say The Artist was made in 1927, my Oscar goes to... The Artist!! I encourage you to watch it, its really a great movie!

I'm super excited for Nick Nolte's nomination for Warrior, great movie and his performance is very powerful, I give him the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. I haven't seen The Help yet, however I believe Octavia Spencer will take Best Supporting Actress. Leonardo DiCaprio was left out this year and I'm sure he is pissed!! And so am I. I'm a huge Leo fan dating back to my teens and even though I didn't see J. Edgar I believe Leo to be an amazing actor and perhaps the Academy doesn't EVER recognize his talent. Best Actor will have to go to Mr. Clooney for his role in The Descendants, tragic yet enjoyable movie. My Best Actress goes to Viola Davis, I had the pleasure of meeting her while fitting her for a broadway show and she is the most down to earth person ever! However it can go to Michelle Williams too, cant wait to see My Week With Marilyn, I know I will be as fascinated with this movie as I was when I first saw Marilyn Monroe on All About Eve, one of her first film roles. Looking forward to February 26 The Academy Awards will always be one of my favorite events in Hollywood!!! Thats just my style!

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