Happy Saturday!

Who doesn't like Saturdays?!? I don't know who but it's not me, I love them! Even though my husband works during the day, until 6pm, they still feel pretty magical! Before Sophia, I would either go for brunch with a friend, hang out at the apartment listening to my favorite album 21 by Adele (obsessed) or clean the apartment. Now that Sophia is here and one of my favorites is back, the farmers market in my hood, we try and go every Saturday. I was hoping to get some fresh produce and honey today but it looks like we are not going to make it :( We had a late start to the day, and as I sit here typing this and nursing her at the same time (talk about multi tasking) it is 2:45pm, and the market is there until 3pm. It's pretty close but I don't think it's happening. I was always that person right on time, hated being late, now that I have a baby, I can never be on time. She's hungry, she needs her diaper change and so on, but who cares? Right, she comes first, and I don't mind! 

I guess we will go to the park and take a walk, here's a photo of the farmers market in Sunnyside, NY a few weeks ago! 

Have a magical Saturday! 

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