How my life changed, for the better...

Hi y'all!!!! I've been away for almost a year now, boo hoo, but I'm back now! So many things have happened, if you read my new profile you'll know that I found out I was pregnant and social media completely turned me off. I stopped blogging to focus on my baby, my husband and me. I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy without worrying about a blog post, and so I did.

Sophia Harper Crowne, my beautiful daughter is 3 months old. I feel so blessed to be her mommy, she is just perfect, healthy and a happy baby girl. I'm loving every moment of being a mom, learning new things about her, my husband and me. This is all new to both of us, living in a big city with a baby and no family around. Style God (old name) is gone, Love, Harper is the new name for this lifestyle blog where I want to share my journey thru motherhood, being a wife and staying true to my style. All of this while living in the great city that is New York! 

Stay tune for more!

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