Breakfast of Champions//

So after nursing Sophia yesterday afternoon we headed to the park, and the farmers market was clearing out, but the honey stand was still there past 3:00 pm!! I got my honey, yayy! 

Why does this honey make me so happy, you ask? 

Well, because I used the last bit Saturday morning, and I use honey almost every day for breakfast. My breakfast of champions consists of oatmeal, almond milk, raspberries, bananas, cinnamon and HONEY (buckwheat).

Breakfast was never my favorite meal, I usually skipped it, since I don't like eggs at all!!! Yuukk!  I've always been a healthy eater, always conscious of what I put in my body, once in a while I would cheat of course. But when I became pregnant I was OCD healthy, I didn't eat any fast food, drink any sodas or drink caffeine and I started to eat breakfast because its the most important meal of the day (read about it here). Since i dont eat eggs there's not much I'm left with, I tried oatmeal and honestly it's not that tasty, but I had to eat something and oatmeal is very nutritious and fruits too, so I combined the two. There was something missing still, I remember reading about the benefits of cinnamon and honey on one of those Facebook posts (read about it here) so I added them to my morning oatmeal and wala, my breakfast of champions was complete! 

I encourage everyone to try oatmeal in the morning, it's easy to prepare and if you add the right ingredients its super tasty. Now don't be getting the instant packets they conveniently sell, look at the ingredients on those and you will see they have added a bunch of stuff that we don't need! Get yourself real natural oats, preferably whole grain organic oats, add almond milk and stick it in the microwave for 2 minutes (about the only thing I use the microwave for) then add frozen raspberries (they last longer), a banana, cinnamon and honey, you have yourself a nutritious start to your day!

You can find 10 different oatmeal recipes here, I will be trying some of these myself! 

Today I've been cleaning the apartment with the husband, tried to go back to my yoga class but the usual teacher that I love wasn't there, so I skipped it. Between nursing Sophia, cleaning and having pizza for lunch (not so healthy, but it's Sunday) it's deff been a Sunday Funday! Looking forward to the pork loin that P (husband) seasoned for dinner and watching Big Brother tonight! 

                                                   Honey from the farmers market
                                                       Whole grain oats I prefer
                                                  My breakfast this morning!

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