Rachel Zoe R-T-W F/W 2012

I'm a big fan of Rachel Zoe, as a stylist and now as a designer too. I think the woman is just plain genius when it comes to style. I know fall 2012 is so far away and quite frankly spring 2012 is whats on my mind, however I couldn't resist posting this photographs from Rachel Zoe's F/W 2012 collection. Its so beautiful to me, the blacks, greens, purples, browns and reds just make this an eye catching collection, plus not to mention I want to wear everything she designed, if only I was rich! New York's Fashion Week is not over yet tho, with Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein being the last two to show tomorrow I still have a lot of shows to see, so far Rachel Zoe is one of my favorites this time around! Stay tuned for more favorite collections to come!!

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