Fashion: What I'm Wearing {Red Lips}

I've been obsessed with wearing red lipstick for about a year now. I would have never worn red lips in the past, but since its such a huge trend these days I decided to try it out. To my surprise I really liked the results! My lips are pretty plumped so I thought red wouldn't compliment me, however I think it does. I love Chanel, but then again who doesn't, their makeup is fabulous, my husband got me this lipstick for Christmas and I love it! Red lips make me feel sexy, if you are a bit shy about wearing red lips, I encourage you to try it, you have nothing to loose and you might be surprised by the results, as I was.
Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet• La Fascinante


  1. Thanks for the comment :))

    And yeah def red lips are awesome...unfortunately just doesnt fit to im jelious :))


    Katerina from

  2. Love that Chanel lipstick on you!
    Fahionhypnotised girl

  3. I love Chanel lipstick. Red lips are the best.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. red always is glamour! it look pretty on you!
    follow each other? what do you think?? i will do right now ;)

  5. I love red lips as well, but I only wear it for evening looks. It makes my features harder so it makes me look older if I wear bold lipsticks during the daytime. So I try to wear only sheer lipgloss, which softens my features so that I look younger.

    Sara from Diary of a Modern-Day-Lady


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